La Mer : Pioneering World class family time

Sector: Recreational Sector

One of Dubai’s most visited sites includes the 2.5 Km broad walk set against the backdrop of an eclectic beachfront. One can expect a one-stop-shop experience at La Mer. You can either explore a street-style bustling foodie backstreet or treat the little one to thrilling water sports, discover a new cuisine, or just lay back on the soft sand and experience the ultimate vacation vibe. Before La Mer, the convention was for individuals to visit malls to spend time and relax instead of spending time in an open environment amongst nature. La Mer has turned this around and has provided Dubai residents and tourists alike with a beach with a semi-mall culture.

For La Mer to truly achieve its objective of being a relaxation point for all its visitors one key element was the soothing music that plays throughout the landmark. Zio supported La Mer in this by installing BGM systems. These were background music equipment that was installed in the pathway including audio systems such as speakers and amplifiers. Additionally, we also set up 21 IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) rooms for controlling the systems creating a complete solution leading to hassle-free operation. These IDF rooms stationed at every 800 meters, enables La Mer’s staff to manage and interconnect the telecommunications cable between end-user devices.

The procurement and installations were not a hassle for Zio. Along with our expertise, this could have been one of our most conveniently accomplished projects. But this did not turn out to be the case. Surprisingly, what posed as an obstacle was not client requirements or physical work, instead, it was the weather. This project was undertaken in the hottest summer reported in more than 50 years. Our teammates had to work through the heat to ensure that there was no lag in meeting the promised timeline. For the stretch of 2.5kms, several teammates worked tirelessly to bring this project to life and install high-quality products that could withstand rough usage bearing the outside heat & high temperatures, water (waterproofing of the system), and dust. We suggested a unique set of equipment to fulfil these requirements and guarantee long time usage.