Sheikh Hamdan Sports Complex

Sector: Sports and Recreation

The Hamadan Sports Complex is one of the biggest multi-purpose sports facilities in the world, as it caters to a gamut of different sports. Situated on a sprawling 24-hectare plot of land with swimming and diving pools meeting the Olympic standards. It is famous for having hosted the 2010 Fina World Swimming Championship, a competition that involved participants from 153 countries being one of the prime venues for indoor aquatic activities and events in the whole of UAE.

In order to stimulate the holistic sports experience for athletes and spectators, audio-video solutions are an integral part to make these experiences extraordinary. The stadium had a lot of redundant components, which led to many aspects such as audio and video quality not reaching the full potential. Therefore, our team was able to solve these issues by integrating novel technology and uplift the sports facilities.

Ziotech had the opportunity to digitalize the biggest stadium in Dubai and enable it to provide a unique experience to all athletes. The Ziotech team had provided a LED video wall solution across the seating area which is in the form of a cube around the massive swimming pool as well as in the foyer area. Moreover, our team installed square digital displays for the swimming pool, along with timing screens which would display real-time timings for swimmers, this way swimmers would simply have to touch the screens in front of the lane when they would finish, and the timing could be easily automated.

Apart from adding these world-class tech facilities, our team integrated solutions to upgrade the audio system in order to provide a seamless experience for everyone. The complexity of installing these solutions only heightened further due to challenges that arose in the middle of the project.

One of the biggest challenges was the transportation of material to the stadium and swimming pool. Because of the elevated nature of the swimming pool, the transportation of such hefty materials like video walls and screens became a herculean task. One can only imagine how challenging it was for the crew to transport it such an elevated platform, and to make sure that no damage could come to the products.

Apart from this major issue, there were other technical difficulties as well. There was also a firewall issue on the systems side, along with the constantly failing Barco system which was a major shortcoming. One of the reasons for the failing systems could be traced back to the Air Conditioner. The AC cooling was not efficient in the control room, which is very essential for the system to operate.

The success of the project despite the numerous challenges faced by the Ziotech team is one of the reasons this project is a testimony of our company spirit. The seasoned technical expertise along with the cooperation between the team and the client was pivotal in keeping this project on track.

This project is one of the most exceptional works done by our team, as the entire installation was on a single network and can be easily operated from one central location. Therefore, in spite of the various diverse installations done they became easily accessible from a singular unit rendering convenience in the installation process and for the client in the future.

These developments in the stadium have been well-received by everyone affiliated with Hamdan Sports Complex.  The multiple screens aided in revenue gain as it was beneficial for advertisements and the timing system made the recording of time for swimmers very tireless and less cumbersome. Overall the experience provided to athletes and audiences from all around the world became unforgettable.