Kent College: Revolutionizing Education through technology

Sector: The education sector

Kent College is one of the Top British International schools in Dubai. Glorifying over 135 years of heritage, legacy, and tradition, Kent college has established itself as a leader and pioneer in the field of education.

To enhance the learning experience Kent provides to its students, it required a complete IT solution including active components. Zio was contacted and we provided Kent with complete Auditorium Equipment including lighting instruments, loudspeakers, and amplifiers. Additionally, they also required studio equipment to upgrade their recording and editing tools. We set up a recording workstation for Kent.

Working with Kent was an excellent opportunity, but it came with its share of difficulties. The strict deadline time constraints were difficult to meet. We were operating under a tight contract timeline and were under constant pressure to provide quality work to meet and par industry standards.

Regardless, with our experienced team, we overcame all hurdles and let actions speak louder than words. Kent has reported satisfaction with the implementation and was overwhelmed with the added warranty service that was provided. Because of the implementation of these systems, Kent’s students have been more engaged in added extra-curricular activities including music recording and editing. It not only promotes non-traditional careers but also provides students with a stress-busting activity to relax helping students to reduce their stress from just the academic section and relax through the activities they like to perform.

These equipment installations truly set Kent above par as most colleges do not have such recording studios. Students can learn videography (shooting, editing, formatting), theatre (acting), and Music (recording, editing) with the help of installed systems, giving them the required equipment and setting up that atmosphere to dive into the creative world.