IMG World: Creating playgrounds of the future.

Sector: Amusement and Recreation

Dubai boasts of its advanced theme parks that are designed for delivering fun and excitement, similarly, IMG World is intricately created as an engaging destination for visitors across all age groups.

Opened in 2016, IMG world is the world’s largest indoor theme park consisting of 4 diverse zones right from Marvel Universe to Cartoon Network, brimming with rich imagination and creativity. Ziotech had the opportunity to enhance one of the most stimulating places on earth, and help the IMG world deliver a one-of-a-kind immersive experience to its customers.

To enhance the rides and provide a holistic experience to visitors, IMG world required the suspension of the old signal, network and speaker cables and refurbishing the rides of the park with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment. Therefore, the most challenging aspect was integrating the materials as efficiently as possible while also optimizing the entertaining dimensions of the park.

This project was unique from others, due to the assistance and involvement of the client. Unlike most installations where Ziotech provides the material to be installed, the client had provided all the material and spare parts, while also providing the clear thematic layout drawings. Therefore, the focus of the team was directed towards smooth and steady implementation. The team had performed a very remarkable task in understanding the requirements of the client and delivering exactly what was communicated.

There was clear communication in terms of the measurements, specifications needed and the inputs required from the start which aided in enhancing the efficiency provided by the Ziotech team. Apart from a few hiccups here and there which is inevitable in any project of this magnitude, there were no major hindrances faced by the installation team, which further illustrated our team’s commitment and devotion.

The speakers, AV connection panels, projector, fans, lights, screen, and amplifiers had been integrated to blend the surroundings and provide a seamless experience to all park visitors. The integration of the systems was followed by testing the equipment installed, along with the commissioning of the systems and the final takeover by the client.

Our team was able to show their creativity and ingenuity to bring this project together while staying within a reasonable budget. The projects were enthusiastically received by the client and the general public, who were delighted with their favourite theme park enhancements. The design creativity showed by Ziotech’s team has been instrumental in digitizing this park to help create unforgettable moments for all those who visit.

Currently, the site is thriving, and subsequently, no complaints have been received. This goes on to show that the functioning of the team right from the pre-installation phase to the customer support stage has been more than efficient, and clearly this project has been one of the many success stories of Ziotech.