Dubai Mall: Showcasing the power of technology

Sector: Entertainment Sector

Dubai boasts the largest mall in the world. The massive project was undertaken in 2008 and since showcases luminary attraction in the heart of downtown Dubai. One can immerse themselves in a range of activities apart from shopping ranging from Kidzania for the kids to VR parks for tech lovers. This mall is a witness to more than 80 million annual visitors. The reason for this is because of the outstanding, beyond par quality services and experiences that the Dubai mall is home to. This is inclusive of Zio’s installations like the outdoor LED wall on Boulevard Metro Bridge and 28 LED kiosks. To ensure the thorough performance of equipment, we also set up control rooms for all devices. These rooms are located distantly, approximately 1-2 km far from physical equipment. Dubai mall’s dedicated staff can control all the content displayed on the screens and kiosks. They are also enabled to manage the temperature and any possible power failures. The software also acts as a monitoring system that indicates notifications highlighting any fault in displays. Additionally, there are also static displays that show scheduled content as well as dynamic ones that show live content such as the fireworks of Burj Khalifa on events like New Year.

Zio is very proud to be the partner service provider for this project. We put in our heart and soul to bring this project to life. We overcame major hurdles such as quick installations and maintenance. For this project government approvals and permissions had to be granted for road closures to install the systems. This meant that there was a strict time constrain and a shortened bracket for us to install all equipment. Additionally, the maintenance of these systems that are positioned in a very wide area is a problem. We had to constantly monitor the progress to ensure there is no last-minute failure. While maintaining these wide screens which are 20×10 sq. meter large, it becomes very difficult to take note of each point of the screen. However, this system notifies the users of the details of each point including colour calibration, panel calibration, and power supply. This recommended solution from Zio is one of the factors for the success of this installation.