Dubai Airport: Digitalizing aviation hubs of the World.

Sector: The aviation sector

Famously known as the most important aviation hub of the world, the Dubai Airport has millions of passengers travelling every year, which makes it one of the busiest airports in the world. Dubai airport has surpassed airports everywhere, with extravagant amenities which makes it an experience in itself.

Audio and video technologies, as well as lighting, play a prominent role in the visitor experience, and the Ziotech team works diligently to make projects come to life with state-of-the-art tech. Dubai Airport required the latest technology as many installations had become outdated and to transcend beyond industry standards.  Therefore, our team worked with Dubai Airport to make it one of the most reminisced destinations for travellers and enhance its amenities to provide an unparalleled journey for everyone.

Our team has been working with Dubai Airport to install, commission, and manage their flight information display system (FIDS) for nearly 5 years. We efficiently manage more than two-thirds of the screens at the airport, and our team is available around the clock to assist with both hardware and software issues.

In terms of the project implementation, we implemented the smart offices on the 1st and 3rd floor at the Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC). We provided a fully automated conferencing facility with NEC screens, microphones, a solstice pod, a huddle camera along a fingerprint scanner. The entire process of installation, commissioning and managing the flight display system and the meeting room solutions were provided by our team.

This project’s complexity led to many challenges which hindered the installation process. During the process of implementation, one of the main issues was the time constraints provided by the airport, which posed the challenge of balancing the specifications and deadlines. Since the project required refurbishing the airport, the team had to replace the old heavy equipment with new tech, and ensure the product starts operating immediately. These factors regarding the hefty installations and time constraints made this an arduous project.


However, the Ziotech team executed every aspect of the project impeccably, overcoming all the challenges, and providing exactly what the client wanted. The team’s seasoned experience and dexterity were some of the key factors in this project’s success despite the endless shortcomings.

Dubai Airport is one of the most successful projects executed by Ziotech, and the design quality carried out by our team, has increased the satisfaction of not only our client but the millions of travellers who visit the airport. Ziotech has helped Dubai Airport to create experiences for travellers which would be cherished for a lifetime. Therefore, our team works with the airport around the clock due to exceptional service and cutting-edge solutions.

Our experience working with Dubai Airports has been a great working and learning journey, which has enabled us to channel the experience gained from working on this project to work at other similar sites in the aviation sector.