Cleveland Clinic: Revolutionizing Medical Care

Sector: Healthcare

Cleveland Clinic is a hospital with amenities surpassing most hospitals in this sector hence known as the best multi-speciality hospital. It is a part of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation of the USA with luxurious facilities and advanced equipment of world-class standards. Thus, the clinic provides an unmatched standard of healthcare for patients equipped with advanced technology.

Ziotech had the opportunity to transform this exclusive hospital and equip it with innovative technologies to aid in curing patients and teaching doctors alongside. Cleveland Clinic required technology to not only uplift their experience for patients but also help in better communication amongst doctors. Furthermore, they wanted to rectify their problems with antenna distribution and unclear audio problems.

The Ziotech team worked meticulously from the pre-conceptualization phase to understand the requirements of the client and exceeded the expectations by installing top-notch equipment which revolutionized the Operation theatres, patient rooms and auditoriums.

The Cleveland Clinic is one of the most intriguing projects conducted by Ziotech, carried out in a way to ensure that every operation is recorded, automatically archived and can be viewed at any point of the time by surgeons. High-tech Video walls were also installed, which enabled doctors to watch the operation live from anywhere, and our team also installed wireless headphones and microphones to easily communicate throughout the surgeries with people inside and outside the Operation theatre.

The project was carried out to not only aid two-way audio communication between doctors inside the OT and the students outside, but also two-way video interaction between doctors through the endoscopy cameras feed. Thus, doctors performing the surgery and students eager to learn could simultaneously communicate and watch each other, to enhance the learning experience and provide a more holistic teaching environment.

The Ziotech team also installed edge blending projectors using 4 projectors in the expansive auditorium along with cameras for live broadcast to capture and publish the footage amongst the audience in real-time. The chairs in the auditoriums were equipped with microphones and futuristic hardware to facilitate language translation instantly. Moreover, the patient rooms, ballrooms, and broadcast rooms were digitalized through satellite channels to make them more functional and add more utility for patients.

In the process of installations, many challenges arose which added conflict in the completion of the project. The project had to be finished in a limited time, however, the scope was very vast, which caused some problems in communication. Further, there were some unexpected events, like the cables our team was working on had been cut which caused havoc and the team had to redo the cabling. This added a major challenge, as the time was limited, and the team did not want to fall back on the deadlines.

Though the cables posed a major time crunch for the team, the speedy decision making process and coordination with the client, proved to be most effective. Therefore, by striving and making full utilization of the technical expertise of our team, we were able to deliver the project on time and exceeding the expectations of the client.

As a result of these developments in the hospitals, a very positive response was seen not only by the doctors but also by the patients. The operations became easier to carry out as everything was integrated into the automated control platforms. Furthermore, because every device was being monitored in the control room, the probability of making mistakes had been reduced considerably.

This project has become an epitome for other healthcare facilities in the country which goes on to show how the integration of advanced technology can rapidly revolutionize any facility and provide an error-free environment.