Address Hotels: Redefining Luxury

Sector: Hospitality Sector

The Address Hotels is one of the top-notch 5-star hotels and resorts of Dubai with a spectacular view of the famous Jumeirah Beach. It is located at the heart of Dubai Marina and offers an exemplary experience in terms of providing premium luxury, the view which overlooks the mesmerising skyline of Dubai and the most desirable cuisines. It is included in the top 10 must-visit places of UAE.

The Address has given the global hospitality and service sector a new identity by setting new standards for gracious hospitality and exceptional service standards.

In order to make a remarkable impact on customers, it is essential for hotels to tingle all the 5 senses and provide an everlasting memory. Hotels can do so by spectacular technologies such as the Audio-video solutions provided by Ziotech, which is one of the reasons we were chosen to complete this distinguished project.

The solutions provided were with regards to the BGM i.e., background music for all the lobbies, corridors, lifts, and in swimming pools and restaurants. Apart from this, there are audio-video integrations made in the meeting rooms, board rooms and ballrooms.

The site procedures were quite smooth with all the operations going at the right pace without any problem. At this site everything from the measurements, design, drawing creation, implementation, installation, all the operations were managed by Ziotech. Having been such an elite place with all amenities, there were no hassles of any kind, the client and our team was very cooperative and thus the work took place very well. Address having such a starling reputation itself helped in further increasing the reach of Ziotech across different luxury locations belonging to the hospitality industry.

There is a long-term relationship that is maintained with the client. Even after the warranty period, they were supported with regards to variations work and additional support work that may have been desired by them.

The solutions provided by our team have helped the hotel engage with customers deeply and provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to those who choose to stay there.